Ellen Gallagher & Edgar Cleijne

Liquid Intelligence


This catalogue was published on the occasion of Liquid Intelligence, a substantial display of works by Ellen Gallagher with Dutch artist Edgar Cleijne, presented at WIELS (02.02 – 28.04.2019). The publication contains two enlightening new essays: the first essay by Elvan Zabunyan, discusses Gallagher’s critique and questioning of the figuration of the African body and the many variations this portrayal takes within popular, xenophobic culture; the second text, by historian Robin D.G. Kelley, examines Highway Gothic (2019) and its commentary on government planning as a destructive force, the capacity of people to survive and endure adversity, and reclamation as an ongoing practice.

228 pages
Dutch, English, French
Introduction by Dirk Snauwaert (WIELS)
Essays by Robin D.g. Kelley & Elvan Zabunyan
Published by WIELS
Designed by Irma Boom

39.80 €

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